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About Us

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About our practice

We are a group of experienced, self-employed psychotherapists, with particular interest and expertise in working with complex trauma and early abuse and neglect and with the resulting dissociation that these can cause. We are based in central Glasgow near Charing Cross.

We are skilled and experienced in working with loss, bereavement, rape and sexual assault, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, depression and anxiety, panic attacks, autistic spectrum  related issues, eating disorders, addictions, spirituality and sexuality.

We are trained in a wide variety of therapeutic orientations and are all able to work in different ways in order to meet the needs of the different people with whom we work.

We understand that it is important to work with all aspects of a person’s experience – emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, cognitive and imaginative. We know that trauma affects all of these aspects of a person and that talking therapies alone may not deal with the key issues that people want to address so we are all trained in various ways of accessing trauma related issues which are not accessible, or not easily accessible through words alone.

We are happy to discuss with you what type of therapeutic approach might best suit your needs, recognising always that you are the expert on you no matter how great our expertise on trauma may be.

Leading provider of Trauma Therapy in Scotland

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